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    Wind as breath. Wilderness in spirit.

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    Body. Breath.
    Facilitate flow.

    wild nature

    Windswept and wild.

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    spirit sadhana

    Explore Atma.

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    Nurture and strengthen.

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A practice of clarity & flow


My belief is that yoga meets each practitioner as they are.
A person is best served by their own culmination of style and modality.

Work with me to explore what serves you.

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Learning through teaching.


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Each practice a journey.




              Through my journey, yoga has become a practice of empowerment. Seven years ago, I dove into asana during a difficult time of internal struggle. Yoga became the gateway to my recovery from self-harming behaviors, as I moved toward embracing my own body – and it was eventually these efforts that catalyzed my decision to recover and evolve. I developed a holistic practice of awareness that has since supported me with every step and breath. 
              Now, I derive clarity and direction through the pulsation of both learning and teaching. It is a privilege to share yoga and its nurturing with those that are also called to explore the Self. We all can translate experience into expression.
              Raised in Bangkok, Thailand, I’ve built a home here in San Diego, California – though my heart may belong in the mountains. The current plan is to explore and never stop learning. From city to sea, here’s to a life of intention and adventure.

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Demi Piriya-Chan

Yogini. Teacher. Student.



              My studies of yoga are woven primarily of asana, mantra and mudra. Asana are the postures that form intuitive embodiment, mantra are sacred chants and music I work with to free my voice, mudras are gestures of intention that seal the practice. Much of these teachings are transmitted through the lineage of Tantra, often with the guidance of my beloved and brilliant teachers Sianna Sherman and Sonya Genel.
             In 2015, I underwent my first first RYT-200 certification with Briohny Kate-Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein. Their masterful teachings of asana equipped me to facilitate strong and vibrant qualities in physical practices. I took a second RYT-200 that year at Indie Yoga, my first studio base in San Diego, and found deeper methods to dial into. Other teaching influences of mine are drawn from workshops with Janet Stone and Giselle Mari.
My greatest training journey thus far has been my 300 hour certification under the tutelage of Sianna Sherman’s Rasa Yoga Academy, completed 2016-17. The distillation: a full, permeating alchemy of mystical + practical yoga skills. Deep immersion of spirit. My way back to adhikaara, studentship.
             From 2015-16, I completed a year and a day’s training with the Urban Priestess Mystery School, with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner, where I developed a tool belt of of shamanic and Avalonian/Celtic magick. This, with yoga, have culminated in a great remembrance of divine feminine and Goddess energy,
At this time, I am also working through a third 200-hour training with my radiant mentor Sonya Genel. Branching from the Rasa Yoga school, the program is Sonya’s own offering: a creative and synergistic channel of deep yoga education. I also have completed a half-year mentorship with Sonya in the way of one-on-one training and transmission.
I am highly interested in Sanskrit, which I believe to be a rich vehicle of the yoga experience. Crystal healing is another art that I incorporate into my repertoire, with continual research of properties and inner workings.



Monday: 8:30am Intermediate Vinyasa at Sol Yoga La Jolla
12pm Aerial Strength and Conditioning at Elka Yoga Wellness Center
Wednesday: 10:30am Low Hammock Aerial at Elka Yoga Wellness Center
Thursday: 12pm Hatha Flow at Elka Yoga Wellness Center
Friday: 7am Sunrise Flow at Elka Yoga Wellness Center
Saturday: 10am Goat Yoga at The Blissful Goat San Marcos
5:30pm Vinyasa 2 at Indie Yoga
Sunday: 10am Beach Yoga at the Ocean Beach Hostel
12pm Vinyasa 1 at Indie Yoga

I am also currently scheduling workshop events and private classes, including one-on-one sessions. Please email me at yogawithdemi108@gmail.com.


Components of Practice

  • Guidance by sensation
  • Intuitive embodiment
  • Nourishment of physical wellness
  • Devotional chanting
  • Transmission of sankalpa
  • Vocal liberation
  • Seals created with body
  • Gestures of intention
  • Connection to source
  • Slow down
  • Turn inwardly
  • Listen


  • Email me with any inquiries, or to set up a class or workshop. Reach out on social media!
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